Juicy Couture

What better day to write my first Girl Gone Well post than summer solstice, the longest, most light-filled, and in the case of today, hottest, day of the year? And what better time to start writing than when I’m so high on green juice I don’t even want coffee?

I’m not normally this virtuous; there was a time not so long ago when my breakfast consisted of almond croissants and hazelnut mochas (and still may). But we were lucky enough to get a Breville juicer/blender combo for our wedding in October, and I’ve always known that juicing was in my future despite having spent the better part of the last 8 months cowering in fear of the thing. So many parts, so much metal. And what if it’s loud? What if it causes our downstairs neighbor to slip death threats under the door like she does when we vacuum? So much potential for pulpy, stem-filled chaos and anyway I don’t even like leafy greens unless they’re drowning in balsamic so who’s to say I’ll even drink whatever this contraption yields?!

breville illustration

But a combination of things led me to get over it already and go for it already. Among them: the farmer’s market that happens outside our apartment every Saturday, and how especially vibrant it is this time of year. I’ve also been reading the Crazy Sexy Diet, a veritable green juice manifesto. My digestion has been bothersome lately anyway, and I wanted to give myself a break without starving. Furthermore, I’m interested in halting the aging process without resorting to the $13K eye cream. So here we are!

I don’t want this blog to turn into a guess what I had for breakfast today sort of thing. . . but guess what I had for breakfast today? 2 kiwis, 1 apple, 1 orange, some spinach, loads of kale, and 5 or 6 strawberries. I feel ridiculously wonderful. It was also incredibly satisfying to make before I even took a sip. Something about tossing these huge, ungainly, fibrous leaves and seedy fruits into the chute and then seeing them transformed into an antioxidant, enzyme-rich, phytochemical cocktail is fascinating on an almost primal level.

I also found that once I started drinking, I couldn’t stop – my thirst felt suddenly insatiable. I haven’t chugged a beverage like that since college. And besides having boundless energy, I simply feel glowy. I can sense that my blood is being purified and that globs of crap are being dissolved in my tissues. My legs look leaner (I have a major dysmorphia of sorts when it comes to my calves, which I’m sure I’ll address at some point here), my hair seems to have grown, and my skin is alive. Alive! Everything just feels totally alive. Yes, it’s only been a few hours. But I’m telling you the truth here, exactly as I see and feel it.

Juicing is changing me for the better from the inside out and back inside out again.

Till next time,


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